Our Company is committed to upkeeping the highway and its associated facilities throughout the franchise period to ensure the facilities are kept in serviceable, reliable and safe conditions. Works are carried out in compliance with Government's requirements and relevant international standards. This requires the continuous effort of our engineering team comprising professional engineers, experienced supervisors, well-trained technicians and skillful workers.

Our engineering team is primarily responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the facilities in the following areas, namely:

  • civil structures, environment and general cleansing;
  • computer and electronics equipment
  • electrical and mechanical installation; and
  • vehicle fleet
Civil Structures, Environment and General Cleansing

Sign making

In Route 3 Country Park Section, as in all other road structures, the tunnel structures, road surface and furniture are all subject to deterioration over time. Therefore our maintenance team performs routine inspection and monitoring of their conditions. Immediate repair will take place before the safety of road users is compromised.


There are a number of slope cuts during the construction stage to facilitate a smooth alignment of the highway. These slopes require regular stability inspection and monitoring. On these slopes, as well as on roadside, various species of plants are grown to provide a green driving environment. Below the road surface are bridge structures, drainage system, culverts, pedestrian underpasses and footbridges.

In order to provide a pleasant driving environment for our patrons, our routine works also include regular road sweeping, tunnel wall washing, repaint of road marking, cleaning of lighting and traffic signs, etc.

Tunnel wall washing

Road sweeping

Computer and Electronics Equipment

Air quality sensor

To ensure the monitoring, regulation and control of traffic flow in an effective and safe manner, we have installed sophisticated computer systems which include Traffic Control & Surveillance System, CCTV System, Central Monitoring and Control System, Toll Collection System, and Roadside Emergency Telephone System, etc. Our hardware and software engineers keep track of their performance by routine inspection and carry out repair at the component level when necessary.

Electrical and Mechanical Installation

Ventilation duct

Street and tunnel daily operation relies on high secure Power Supply System which provides uninterruptible electricity to the essential equipment, including the Tunnel Ventilation System which extracts vehicle emission and smoke in case of fire. These installations always need to be kept in the healthiest condition.

Vehicle Fleet

Aerial platform truck

We maintain a fleet of vehicles some of which are purposely built for specific operations. The fleet ranges from patrol jeep, aerial platform truck, tunnel wall washer to 24-ton heavy recovery vehicle. These vehicles are maintained by our in-house mechanics, who regularly carry out safety check, repair and parts replacement.